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Monday, January 31, 2005

Last Social Worker Visit

Shirley- our social worker- came to visit us for the last time (until post placement) on Thursday. She asked if we had any questions and told us we would be wonderful parents- YIPEE!! She said we passed our home study and she would have the report to ASIA by today. In fact she called last night as she was typing it up to ask about our driving records and if we are on city water. She said she was emailing the copy to them right after she got off the phone.
Once the home study gets to ASIA they have to approve it, check for typos and edit for international adoptions. They do this on Wednesdays- when I called last week they said there was a chance this wouldn't get done until next Wednesday (but I am praying that they get to us this week.)
After all is approved they send it to BCIS and we wait for our I-171 to come (should be about three weeks). When that is in we go to ASIA and get all of our documents Notarized. Then they are sent to the Chinese consulate for authentication- that usually takes about a week (it would be longer, but we are in DC- so it is very close).
When all that is done the entire set of documents (now called a completed dossier) are sent to China and Logged in- from the Log-In-Date (LID) it is about a six month wait for a referral.
We are hoping to have a LID in March. Please pray and keep your fingers crossed!
Update you more soon.
It still doesn't feel quite real that we have the Home Study done.


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