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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All Girls Weekend

Daddy had to go out of town for a friend's wedding (Congratulations Suzanne and Rick!), so Mommy and I were together all weekend. And we had fun (mostly).
First on the way back from the airport we stopped at Arundel Mills- and I bought two outfits for next summer and a sleeper. I also bought a new pair of sandals from Stride Rite- my toes were hanging over the end of my old ones. Then I told Mommy that she needed an oil change- I told her she would get better gas mileage- with new oil and a new air filter. So we did that.
Later while we were chillen' watching TV Mommy got very upset when I took over the remote- I was only reprogramming it to what I wanted to watch. But after that she spent and hour instant messaging the comcast people to undo all my hard work. I did not think that was fair- so I threw down all the CDs I could find. But after my bath we were good.
Sunday morning was exciting too. The Power went out! The house got hot in 15 minutes- so we left for church over way early- and sat in the car before anyone showed up.
After church we went to brunch with Holly, and then we played at her house. She has two cats that I love- and Teletubbies On Demand. It was loads of fun.
And on Monday I went to work with Mommy at the SEC. I really helped her out. Her office was a mess- but I got things into shape. Thank goodness I am there to help!
Thank Goodness we picked Daddy up at the airport last night. I was getting tired of all this Mommy time.
The picture will be a bit out of order- but I will try to tell you what they are.


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