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Mary Whidden and James Phillips share about their daughter Langley- they also gave an overview of their China adoption experience.

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


OK I discovered the first thing about being a Mom I really hate- Being sick. Me, not her. (I am sure I will hate it even more when she gets really sick too- not just the bad cold type- but since that hasn't happened yet this is the first thing I hate- that can be the second thing I hate). It’s not fun when it’s her- because while you do your best to sooth her and make her feel better- at least she understands that she feels bad (an like I said so far its only been a cold. When you are sick she has no concept of the fact that you feel bad. How could she-she 18 months old. She doesn't understand how while it is this wonderful surprise that Mommy didn't go to work today and stayed home with her and Daddy- she won't play- and most definitely let me sit on her tummy. (GI Bug or Food Poisoning- can't tell which- but am hoping for food poisoning because it’s not contagious).
Yesterday was awful (the night before really sucked- but at least Langley was asleep for the big fireworks). By the time she got up I was just exhausted and nauseous- and my stomach was so sore I couldn't stand up straight- which makes me think if I would have stuck with the crunches throwing up would not have made my muscles ache as much.
She is such a good girl and Jamie was wonderful- he kept her occupied the entire day, while I sipped Sprite and mostly slept.
Now I am just hoping they don’t catch it- because it was just wrong.


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