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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Still No Final Approval

Well while most everyone else her in the US is getting their final approval- ours is still in the main office of the CCAA- and probably won't be here for a few days- meaning next week. I am pretty bummed. Another group from our agency got theirs in and are leaving next week. This won't happen for us. We will have to wait a while longer.
There are others in the same boat we are. And no nothing is wrong- but there was a big group this month and it is taking a while for the approvals to come in. Some groups just got lucky and some did not.
We just got the email that we won't be going with the other group from our agency. But there will be a group of four couples- all from our area- going together. So we won't be alone.
This wait is much, much harder than I thought- I really thought I could do this with out a "Big Ugly" breakdown cry (you know the kind when your face gets all contorted and everything gets red)- I found out today I was wrong. But now that my self-pity party is done it is time to clean the house and make it presentable for our daughter. I am feeling much better now!
Just wanted to keep you updated.

PS- I added a counter to the sidebar- so send all your friends so I don't look like a loser.

PSS- The agency just emailed (7:45 pm EST) and hopefully we will still leave by the end of March- please send happy thoughts and prayers!


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