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Mary Whidden and James Phillips share about their daughter Langley- they also gave an overview of their China adoption experience.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Can I just say (actually I can and I will because this is my blog) that being a mother is even more wonderful than I imagined. Not that things don’t get hard- like the fact that Langley came down with her first cold this week and rocked a fever of almost 102 for several days. But I love it. I am tired and sore but I wouldn’t ant it any other way.
But I hate to say it- people are right. You do forget about the waiting once you have them. I am almost to the point now where I believe she is part of our family and no one will take her away. We had our first post-placement visit today and it wasn’t nearly as harrowing as I thought it would be. Although I wish I could have vacuumed- but we had Jamie’s brother John, his wife Julia and their kids Emily (5) and Becca (15 months- yep 2 weeks older than Langley) here until yesterday and a sick kid to boot. She was super nice and just asked basic normal questions about Langley’s development and our adjustment.
Back to Langley’s cold (it is just a cold we broke down and took her to the doctor this morning who did the 10 minute strep test- negative). She is so pitiful- crying, coughing like a seal, and massive sneezes that have more snot than I have ever seen- but she is still wonderful. She is still sweet. She has had several bad nights- crying, tossing and turning and of course in the bed with us. She can only sleep if she is touching one of us- it really is adorable- I do miss her being in the crib- because I have always been a fan of turning over- but she will be well soon, and it is nice to be able to comfort her.
Did I tell you she started walking on her own last week (Thursday) - she is so cute and still won’t go far, but she does it? She had been cruising around the furniture for weeks. Wednesday night we pulled out the “string trick”. (Where you hand them one end and you take the other and they think you are there supporting them but you really aren’t because the string has no tension.) It was taught by a wise woman, my MIL. The next day she just took off on her own- I don’t know if she figured out the “trick”, just got brave, or wanted to catch her cousin Becca- but it is very cool. What was even cooler was that Jamie’s family was here for it.
I will post some pictures soon of the visit and the 3 girls- it was so nice for them to spend time together- and Jamie and I had fun with the grown-ups too.


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