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Mary Whidden and James Phillips share about their daughter Langley- they also gave an overview of their China adoption experience.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Love Day! Mommy Couldn't get her Car Out- so we had a Wonderful Family Day- and Langley played in her first snow. Loads of Fun.

You've Got Mail

Wow- Valentines for Langley

Stickers from Aunt Susan.

Somebody knows me well (Check out the TV behind them)

Now the real fun- decorating Daddy!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Almost Bedtime...

Look at Me- I am Relaxing In My Recliner (Just like Papa)

But Wait- I forgot It Is Bedtime. Cover Daddy Up and Give Him His Bottle.

Now Its Baby's Turn. Night Night.

The Many Hats of Langley

Hey Look- Mommy Finally Found the Box Of Winter Stuff!

Ohh- Hats!

Does This Make Me Look Silly? Good.

Thanks Melody for this One! Its So Soft.

Yes I finally found the box of winter stuff. But she hasn't gone cold all winter, we did have some hats and mittens already out before I relized I couldn't find the box. Now she has more choices.

Before and After

Before Church- A Little Angel...
After Church- Isadora Duncan

Chinese New Year After Party

They Look So Grown Up Eating At Their Own Table!

Ahh... Nothing like a Rousing Game of "Ring Around the Rosie" to Burn Off Some of Those Dinner Calories!
After the FCC Chinese New Year Party we all went over to the Munson abode and had dinner and drinks and the girls played- it was as much fun as the party. I love to see the Chongqing girls together. (Again Langley was asleep before we hit the interstate on the way home.)

Chinese New Year Party

> After I Get Used to Everything MAYBE You Can Put Me Down.
Ok- This Might Be Fun

Wow- A Big Lion!!!

Got My Red Envelope Ready to Feed the Lion

Wow! He Ate It!

That Was Fun- Now I am Exhausted. But Look at my Pretty Butterfly.

On February 3rd we went to the Families with Children From China, Maryland Branch (FCC) Chinese New Year Party. It was a blast (once Langley warmed up). She loved all the acrobats and Chinese Opera, Kung Foo, and Lion Dance. Anything that was onstage she loved- ah- little theatre girl in training. Most of our travel group was there and we met a bunch of great people. Langley was so tired at the end she fell asleep before we got to the interstate.

About the Lion Dance- you feed him red envelopes (supposedly filled with money- but ours was empty) and later he throws up- some kind of vegetable- think they used lettuce. If you get hit by the "throw up" I think its good luck. Anyway for the past two weeks Langley has been going around saying, "Lion- Mess." And we know exactly what she is talking about. Its hysterical. She has also taken her stuffed Lion with her many, many places.