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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

All Girls Weekend

Daddy had to go out of town for a friend's wedding (Congratulations Suzanne and Rick!), so Mommy and I were together all weekend. And we had fun (mostly).
First on the way back from the airport we stopped at Arundel Mills- and I bought two outfits for next summer and a sleeper. I also bought a new pair of sandals from Stride Rite- my toes were hanging over the end of my old ones. Then I told Mommy that she needed an oil change- I told her she would get better gas mileage- with new oil and a new air filter. So we did that.
Later while we were chillen' watching TV Mommy got very upset when I took over the remote- I was only reprogramming it to what I wanted to watch. But after that she spent and hour instant messaging the comcast people to undo all my hard work. I did not think that was fair- so I threw down all the CDs I could find. But after my bath we were good.
Sunday morning was exciting too. The Power went out! The house got hot in 15 minutes- so we left for church over way early- and sat in the car before anyone showed up.
After church we went to brunch with Holly, and then we played at her house. She has two cats that I love- and Teletubbies On Demand. It was loads of fun.
And on Monday I went to work with Mommy at the SEC. I really helped her out. Her office was a mess- but I got things into shape. Thank goodness I am there to help!
Thank Goodness we picked Daddy up at the airport last night. I was getting tired of all this Mommy time.
The picture will be a bit out of order- but I will try to tell you what they are.

Girls Weekend Pictures

Good Kitty...Gentle Pet...

Stalking Minky

Stare Down

It is so Rough Being Me...Must disguise Myself from My adoring fans.

Girls Weekend Pictures



Working at the government is hard!

All Girls Weekend Pictures

I'll Pay

Ahh.. I have taught Holly to feed me bread...excellent...

Friday, July 14, 2006

And Today...

Daddy took me swimming.
Don't I look cute in my new suit?

Look What I Did

I built a pillow fort (with a little help) and took some toys in- Later I tore it down- Then Daddy and I played a hiding game- It was so much fun I squealed and laughed and squealed!

Happy Late 4th of July

Now Go Have Some Ice Cream!

Friday, July 07, 2006


Thought I would write an update about cutie this morning, and some of the things she does and loves.
She has started walking again, actualy a while ago- she is getting very good, and doesn't freak out when she falls anymore (unless she thinks it will get her attention- which believe me she gets in droves). She also crawls a bunch- if walking is just too much trouble.
She points to the cat and either says "at" or "ouw" (cat, meow).
She pulls herself up on our headboard at night to survey the room. Then laughs and claps. I tried for a while to stop this- but it was a losing battle. (Jamie doesn't let her do it- but he is a better person than I am).
She loves kareoke- we have it on the "On Demand" funtion of cable. She likes the kids songs- but LOVES "Copacabana." I think we would sing and dance to it all day if it were up to her.
She loves the park- especially the swings and slides. Jamie usually takes her early in the morning before it gets hot.
She loves her "Oh Veggie Where Art Thou" CD.
She loves the kiddie pool and any kind of water- I can't wait to take her to the beach in August.
She loves blueberries and cantalope and cucumbers.
She loves being held upside down.
She loves cell phones, or anythign she can pretend is a cell phone (remote controls, watches) and put to her ear. She says "aow-oh" then listens.
My parents and sister are here- Langley is an angel with my Mom. Its crazy- she will sit in her lap for HOURS being good. Don't get me wrong- Langley is a great girl- but she can be a Saint for Mawmaw.