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Mary Whidden and James Phillips share about their daughter Langley- they also gave an overview of their China adoption experience.

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

What's Up

I was going to write about what we have done till now- but everything before Langley is a blur.
She is beautiful and wonderful- thats not to say we haven't had some rough patches.
The day we got her (which is also adoption day because all the paper work was done) she was so serious- no crying but no smiles either.
The day after- all she wanted was me, which while flattering, was so tiring. If by some chance I could hand her to Jamie she had to se me at all times. By dinner that night we were both exhausted- and she was fit to be tied. (So she can cry- really cry).
Yesterday she was so much happier- came out of her shell. We visited the orphanage and she laughed and played (and of course ate the whole time- did I mention she will eat everything?). She was almost perfect the entire day. The staff at the Fuling SWI (Social Welfare Institute) were great and we toured, met the director and her nanny. Her nanny said she loves noisy toys and to dance (help her stand and bounce her around). The director knew there name and loved on them too. We saw her abandonment spot- right at the gate of the SWI. The birth parents
knew right where to leave her so she would be safe.
Like I said earlier- she will eat everthing- congee, steamed eggs, bits of potatos, cheerios, puffed fruit, and all kinds of baby food. But she will not drink- from a bottle or sippy cup- so we have spooned liquids in. She doesn't fuss she just clamps those 8 teeth down- and if you do manage to get it in there she just bites the nipple.
Well I think I am driving Jamie nuts typing at 6:30 am while both are trying to sleep. (Boys she is a kicky sleeper). So I will sign off now.
PS- I will try to get more pictures to work later- the ones I got (I hope) to work are from adoption day. Sorry about the typos.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mary, Jamie and Langley---It is wonderful to see ya'll together finally---Have a safe trip home Love, Aunt Anne

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Angel said...


Langley is just beautiful and you look so happy. It is so great to see you as the great mother I knew you would be, you must be so happy. It sounds like everything is going well so far. I will check your blog everyday. We got our TA and we leave on April 13th to get Samantha home our Familyday is on the 18th and CA on the 25th, we fly home on the 26th.

Love Angel

4:38 PM  

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