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Mary Whidden and James Phillips share about their daughter Langley- they also gave an overview of their China adoption experience.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What's Up

OK- Several things to report- some good...some not so good.....

Let’s get the bad over and done with:

  • The last of the March referrals have still not been sent from China- referrals are usually sent at the end of the month- so we are still missing October's. We are not sure what this means for us- if we will still get our referral near the beginning of January- or if it will be pushed to February. It is frustrating, but I have a great support system on the web of other to be mothers going through the same thing. Last night I said to Jamie, "We will never get our baby." He reply, "I think never is a bit much- it may not be as soon as you want- but we will get her."
    This sounds crazy- but I feel like we must have her by May- because I really want a shot of Jamie in his cap and gown and her at graduation. I just think it would be so cute! But my life will not end it that doesn't happen (but May is a long way off and we should have her well home by then).

On the good front:

  • Our church is having a baby shower for us on January 8th. I am so excited. It really makes it feel real. (I only wish I could have the picture before then- but that is probably not going to happen.) But we really do belong to a wonderful, loving church.
  • Retail therapy really does help- I have gotten some really great things for Langley (got to love Craigslist) at really good prices. And every time I get something it makes me feel good.
  • More time to make myself into a MILF (must exercise more).

Love and More Later,


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